Cost of poultry houses

Cost of poultry houses

Finding prices of poultry houses on the Internet can be very frustrating.

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Due to stiff competition and the fluctuating price of steel in South Africa, many manufacturers of chicken houses are hesitant to put up price list. This is really a pain for chicken farmers who are try to compare chicken house prices – or even just do basic research on poultry house price.

Price is determined first by size, then by the type of  steel structure that will be erected. Factors like steel thickness and dimensions, thickness of the galvanised sheeting and the location of the structure. Lastly – what poultry equipment is going to be installed.

Layer houses are more expensive than broiler houses due to the layer cages. A free range layer house or organic layer house will also be more expensive, because they will use nest boxes for the layers to lay eggs in.

A broiler house come standard with bell drinkers and tube feeders – in commercial poultry houses the house will have automatic chain feeders and a nipple drinking system – which do not come cheaply.

The cost of chicken houses does not vary much from supplier to supplier – the industry is very competitive – make sure you know what you are buying – ask about winches, curtain thickness, roof sheeting thickness and cement floors. These are all things that vary between the suppliers of chicken house and affect the price of chicken housing. If you are having a structure erected in a remote area it will cost more for transport. If you do not have running water and electricity and the builder needs to use a generator – expect to pay more.

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