Hen Houses for home chicken farming

Hen houses are just small chicken houses.

Traditionally a poultry house is for many birds – 200 – 40 000 chickens. A hen house or chicken coop is made so that you can keep chickens at home. Usually hen  houses are built so that the home grower can keep layer chickens or broilers. – Pullets are hens that have not started laying yet – but will soon – often known as “point of lay” chickens. The home grower will keep a small chicken house and maybe 5 or 10 chickens – which will give them up to 40 eggs a week. 40 eggs is a lot if you are just growing home chickens for eggs for your family – the balance you can sell to your neighbors and family.

Keeping a small chicken coop is very simple – and in South Africa with our great climate and larger than usual properties it is surprising that more families do not grow chickens at home. For a relatively small outlay you could have fresh eggs on the table every day.

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So how many hens do you want to farm with – or easier to ask how many eggs do you want per day or per week? Assuming a lay rate of 85% – this is how we work out how many eggs we will get per hen per day – and 85% is kinda standard if you doing everything correctly, the the following table should help.

Hens lay how many eggs per day?

Eggs per week, Eggs per day, Eggs per year

Eggs for your family

How many people in your family, and how many eggs do you want each family member to eat? A family of five – who each wanted one egg per day would need 6 hens in their coop. If each member wanted 2 eggs per day you would need 12 hens.

Chicken houses for small farmers

poultry houses for production chicken farming

Production broiler houses

Chicken houses or poultry houses come in various sizes – How many chickens do you want to farm? How many eggs do you want per week? When farming broilers or layers the chicken house is similar – the poultry equipment you put in the house is very different and the type of chickens you farm with are different. If you want eggs – you will need layer chickens and if you want poultry that you can eat you will need to put broiler chickens in your poultry house. Farming with 50 chickens or more requires some discipline – Lots of chickens is not necessarily more work – but you will need to be more careful with your hygiene and bio security. Disease in chickens do not happen frequently – but when it does it can run through your flock in a matter of hours – especially if you are following intensive chicken farming procedures.

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  1. eric machitje says:

    I am looking for organic eggs,if you have what are the prices for a box?im located in leeudoringstad north west south africa

  2. Nothemba says:

    I am thinking or retiring early at 49 to Eastern Cape and start poutry and farming. I would like to know what do I need on the price to hatch the 1 day chicks for sale, breed for meat and breed for eggs. Would I be able to buy a 15m house that is divided for the different needs? I will also need to have an egg hatcher.

  3. Nomakhosi says:

    I am real interested to start a chicken farming of about 40 chicken for eggs but I do not have a capital to start . How much to buy a chicken house & other things I might need for chicken farming.? I would like to have it in my backyard.

    • John Kennedy says:

      For 50 checkens you need a small shed. 15 ft. by 15 ft. windows with screens no glass needed. Make your shed rat and snake proof the best you can. A good tin roof to keep the inside dry. A door you can walk through and lock at night. I male for 5 females is good enough. As the males get to a good size (1 year) eat or sell them. Keep the females for eggs. I go to motorcycle dealeraships and they sell me used baskets to a very small price. These are great nests. Start off with 15 nests and add more as your numbers incerse. I started of with 10 chicks which are very cheap. and now I have 75 chickens. 15 males the rest hens. I mix cracked corn and hi-protein together 1/3 protein 2/3 corn. Dround corn for chicks and cracked corn for adults. I mix powders from the feed shop (ani biotics once a month in the water for health. I take eggs out of the same 10 nests every day and leave the reat to have more chicks. I sell and give away eggs, I eat, sell and give away adult chickens. This is a very easy hobby that provides a lot of food.

  4. Freddy mnune says:

    how much is the chicken house for the layers and broilers?and what is the different between the layer and broiler?

    • Admin says:

      Cost of a chicken house depends on how many chickens you want to farm with. A broiler chicken is raised for slaughter – about 4 weeks to 6 weeks. A layer chicken is a hen raised to produce chicken eggs. A layer hens lays productively for about 60 weeks.

      • daniel says:

        how much did the chicken houses cost

        • The cost of a poultry house depends on the size, where you are located and whether it is a layer house or a broiler house – give me some more information about the type of poultry farming you want to do, and where you are, and how many chickens – and I will give you a quote.

          • daniel says:

            I want about 50 to 60 layers – my house is on top of a hill. I have a big part of my land that has nothing to be used for and I want to put layer hens there.

          • For 60 hens you do not need a large poultry house – more like a chicken coop. A 2m x 3m structure will easily hold that many hens – are you planning to do free range egg farming, or do you want to keep them in the coop all the time? For 60 chickens you can put up your own small shed – I can give you prices on drinkers and feeders, and if you are doing broilers you will need a heater. Let me know. You can see prices of chicken houses here. Do you plan on doing free range birds? You have still not told me where your chicken farm is?

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